Your guide to the best paid and free video editing software. Often times an editor will place the transition between two clips and one of the clips does not extend long enough. However, before you begin the painstaking process of frame-by-frame editing, get your clips roughly into place. These tips should get you started easily and will help you wi… Read More

SafeCity Security is the leading security camera camera maker and implementing security alternatives found in countries like UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Yemen for industrial, commercial and oil & gas protection.SafeCity Security is probably the primary UAE protection companies, which offers security alternatives including CCTV and f… Read More

Did you know that is a period during the day that is called family hour? Parents teach their child how to navigate the world, and when parents take time to do these things, they are teaching them healthy reading habits for life. That, also, is a system that is trying to give the children to learn the Koran and to learn about their faith and practic… Read More

This Apache Spark and Scala tutorial will introduce you to Apache Spark which is an open source cluster computing framework that provides programmers an application programming interface centered on data structure and Scala programming language. By default, each transformed RDD may be recomputed each time you run an action on it. However, you may a… Read More